Do the contractions enlisted below pose any challenges for the models of speech comprehension we discussed in week 7? If so why?

Why’nt you come over tonight.

Ain’t we friends?

You’re coming innit?



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3 responses to “Contractions

  1. Görsev

    Because of the fact that these contractions are not within the frame of regular speech, in other words they are different than the template their regular form corresponds in our mental lexicon, they can cause difficulty for the hearer.

  2. Orkun Canbay

    There are a number of factors involved in speech perception, however, some of these factors contribute to the process of perception through the utilization of sounds. This process is well defined through cohort model as it basically focuses on the initial sounds of the speech and is a bottom-up model. However, we, the human-beings, are coded for the regularities in the speech. Being coded for regularities can call for the top-down models in addition to the bottom-up models. Even a six-month-old baby may not care for the speech apart from its mother-tongue, as it differentiates the sounds in its mother tongue and other languages in its early days of language acquisition.

    In short, Cohort model cannot provide a solution for the samples given above since it emphasizes the bottom-nature of word recognition.
    In my opinition, with its connectionist view of perception, TRACE model can provide a solution for understanding the contraction. However, as we discussed in our courses, this will require more time compared to nonwords.

    Thank you Dr.Yıldız for these topics keeping us awake and aware,,

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