Language Transfer

Below is a dialogue in where speaker A’s L1 is English and L2 is Turkish . At which linguistic level is the negative transfer detected, and what might this be attributed to?

A: Avrupa Sampiyonlar Ligi nezaman bitecek?

B: Mayista.

A: Cok hizli.



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3 responses to “Language Transfer

  1. Görsev

    I believe it is semantic level, there is no breakdown in the comprehension, however, the speaker A has difficulty in finding the correct concept because of L1 influence. Tends to translate directly without thinking the context. This may signify the lack of context during his/her language learning process (specifically for vocabulary).

  2. Umut

    I agree with Görsev about the Semantic level transfer and I would assume that the speaker A is transferring the concept of “quick” to Turkish from his-her L1 mental lexicon and believes that the word hızlı corresponds to the words “çabuk”

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