Recommendation Letters

I would like to inform all my former or present students that I am happy to provide recommendation letters, given that you adhere to the following guidelines:

– Random requests such as ‘can you provide me a reference’ is a very broad question and my automatic question would be ‘yes’, but you need to provide more specific details. For example, if you want to just add my name on your CV or application form please get my consent, and if that’s what you are asking for please state. Otherwise, if you request a specific recommendation letter please provide me the following details at least 2 weeks in advance:

1) The exact title of the programme you will be applying to and the name of the institution

2)  the exact job title you will be applying to and the name of the institution

3) the exact addressee and contact details (e.g. e-mail address)

4) specify by when the reference is required (remember you need to inform me 2 weeks prior the deadline, otherwise I am unable to prepare a recommendation letter).

Good luck!


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