House of Lords & House of Commons

In principle, the UK Parliament consists of two divisions. The first and most significant division is the House of Commons, which embodies 650 Members of Parliament (MPs) who consider and propose new laws. By contrast, the second chamber is the House of Lords (a forum of expertise) which embodies the Members of the Lords, who play a vital role making laws and keeping a check on government.

During my last visit to the House of Lords I had the opportunity to listen to Professor Robert Winston, or Lord Winston,  and was astonished with the aforementioned two-House system. It’s great that experts can debate home and global issues and shed light on vital issues and make laws.

All countries most probably have similar parliamentary systems but the crucial question is the following: would it not be great if other countries, such as Turkey (only because I was recently working/living in Turkey), could adopt/adapt a similar system in where MPs and experts/scientists can debate local and global issues under one roof? In this way experts can have a fundamental role in making laws or at least they can be consulted. If a scientist or educator wishes to contribute to society and disseminate their scholarly work (which is their underlying goal) ideally they should be consulted by politicians and be able to reach the government or policy makers all under ONE roof, just in the same way as it is in the UK Parliament.

Having said all this, this also raises another question: do the following titles such as ‘professor’ or ‘Lord’ have the same connotation?  Moreover, can someone help me with the following question: what is the Turkish equivalent for the honorary title ‘Lord’, who has a similar authoritative role as in the House of Lords – i.e. active and effective?


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