Invitation for Assistant Editor / Open Access Books in Linguistics

Dear potential Assitant Editor(s),

I would kindly like to invite you to consider the role of Assistant Editor in the pioneer Open Access academic book publishing program in linguistics, launched by Versita (

Scholarly monographs and other book categories have been an important format of scholarly communication. For various reasons in the last decades they have faced significant challenges. We believe that Open Access may yield the best available solution for keeping academic monographs and other scholarly books alive. Open Access provides free and unrestricted online access to electronic books for all interested users. This model grows readership by hundreds or thousands of times versus the printed book. To cover the publication costs, we will charge a moderate fee to the institution supporting the author. However, for the first year or two we have decided to waive these fees, so we will neither charge the reader (or librarian) nor the author.

With over 200 journals in its portfolio, Versita is one of the leading Open Access journal publishers in the world.


Ideal candidates should be PhD students in linguistics or researchers who earned their PhDs recently, and continue working in science. Editorial experience is not required. Candidates must speak native or fluent English, be proficient in using computers, and have constant access to Internet.



Assistant Editors work from home using their computer and internet connection. Their role is to support the Managing Editor in attracting high quality book proposals. Assistant Editors work part-time and are not paid. They get a unique opportunity to acquire experience in and understanding of professional scientific publishing.



Your name will be added on our website to our list of Editors. You will get experience in scientific publishing, and build many connections within the community.

If you are interested in this position, please send me a cover letter and a CV with a photograph (both documents in English) to the following e-mail address:


Dr. Yasemin Yildiz

Associate Editor/Versita



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