TED, or Technology, Entertainment and Design (not to be confused with other acronyms, such as: Turk Egitim Dernegi), was founded in 1984 and up till now more than 1,000 speakers, including some of the most influential people in the world, have given ‘TEDTalks’. The next TEDGlobal event will take place in Edinburgh, Summer 2012. Unlike my other conference announcements, I am not suggesting you necessarily attend TEDTalk (as you’ll discover why when you glance at some of the key facts provided below), but rather recommending it as a useful archive. Its maxim: ‘ideas worth spreading’ is also very eye-catching. TEDTalks can be accessed for free online and certainly worth exploring! TED website is: www.ted.com

TED Key Facts:

1) Speakers are given a maximum of 18 mins for their TEDTalk. Some are less than 5 mins long;

2) 80 speakers will take to the stage at the TEDGlobal event in Edinburgh in June;

3) There have been more than 1,100 TEDTalks, most of which are subtitled in dozens of languages;

4) TEDTalks have been watched more than 700m times on TED.com alone;

5) The most watched TEDTalk is by British author Sir Ken Robinson from 2006, entitled Do Schools Kill Creativity. It has been viewed 9.2m times on TED.com alone;

6) Notable TED speakers have included JJ Abrams, Julian Assange, Bono, Al Gore, Bill Gates, Bill Clinton, Richard Branson, Stephen Hawking and Jamie Oliver. Influential people from all walks of life; and

7) It costs between £3,800-£4,700 to attend a TED conference. Ouch!


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