The Role of Applied Phonetics and Phonology in Teacher Education Research

I will be presenting an Open Lecture entitled “The Role of Applied Phonetics and Phonology in Teacher Education Research” at The British University in Dubai (Auditorium), 2 February, between 4-5 pm

Phonetics and phonology are two distinctive branches of linguistics and is what helps us understand the fundamentals of speech science. This branch of linguistics is also of interest in the study of language development, since speech perception (i.e. linguistic competence) units specific to language are assumed to exist innately in a new born, and speech production (i.e. linguistic performance) is the earliest output of first language acquisition. In light of this information, this presentation has two main aims. The first is to consider practical (i.e. applied) rather than theoretical aspects of phonetics and phonology, and present the subject in a down-to-earth manner, in order to absorb the most significant basic principles and terminology. The second is to reflect changing trends in speech science research, not only in theoretical and applied linguistics, but also in other inter-disciplinary and cross-disciplinary domains. The fulfillment of the above tasks will, I hope, help to translate speech science research findings into the classroom and ultimately into practice.



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2 responses to “The Role of Applied Phonetics and Phonology in Teacher Education Research

  1. Görsev İnceçay

    Dear Dr. Yıldız,
    This presentation really took my attention.
    Is it possible to share the article or presentation?
    It would be great.
    Thank you in advance..

    • Hello Gorsev,

      Thanks for your interest. I’m afraid I do not have any handouts for this, as the event was postponed. I will be presenting something similar to this next month, so can forward to you. Watch this space 🙂



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