Reading Selections for Physical Library


Yes I admit if you accompany me to this bookstore  you will lose your patience with me, since I can literally lose track of time (that includes my spending!) when in such environment.  Waterstone’s bookstore in Gower St., central London, is one of my many favourite hot spots in London, as it is not like any other funky contemporary bookstores. Location wise it is walking distance to UCL, Institute of Education, and SOAS, so has a nostalgic feel as I have probably visited this bookstore ‘countless’ times when I was studying at University and had always made regular visits to its nearby university libraries. The building itself is also very historical with breathtaking architecture, so one can feel like  entering a museum, and this is all the more enforced with its squeaky floors which prompts you to tiptoe and keep quiet. What makes this bookstore all the more unique is that it contains the ‘largest’ book selections in Linguistics and Education (including second-hand book selections which many contemporary bookstores happen to lack). The books I have selected for this post only include those which I have recently purchased, and this should also drop a few hints on my current research interests.

While this type of shopping passion helps to build my existing library, it also creates problems in logistics and storage, as I currently have four personal libraries in London, Dubai (including my office) and Istanbul.  This is a consequence of my highly mobile lifestyle and so often tempted to only carry my books whenever I travel, but obviously impractical. This then raises the possibility of opting for e-books, which I have partially if not fully, been trying to adapt to the digital age. As for now, I will remain in my happy ‘partially’ digital mode (mainly for environmental and practical reasons) as I am somewhat tempted to continue expanding my ‘physical’ library. This  not only feeds my curious mind, but also my aesthetic values.

Happy Readings 🙂


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March 3, 2013 · 10:02 pm

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