The International Academic Forum, 2013

I presented two separate conference papers at the International Academic Forum ( this Summer in Brighton, UK, between 18 -21  July, 2013, these were:

1) The Inaugural European Conference on Arts & Humanities– “A Re-introduction to the BUiD Arab Learner Corpus (BALC)” –

2) The Inaugural European Conference on Language Learning– “Assessing the Auditory Perceptual Skills of Gifted and Normal Turkish-Speaking Child L2 Learners of English” –

Both of my papers were both related to L2 acquisition, but my informants in both studies were distinct- i.e. the former paper was related to Turkish-speaking learners of English, while the latter was related to Arabic-speaking learners of English. The full papers for each presentation is in progress and expected to be published soon. I thoroughly enjoyed the IAFOR event and had the opportunity to meet like-minded researchers.

Having said that, the conference venue and weather complemented each other in perfect harmony, so wanted to share some snapshots of my brief but memorable stay in Brighton.

PS: Did you know facts about BrightonIMAG4307 - Copy IMAG4328 - Copy IMAG4330 - Copy IMAG4340 - Copy IMAG4341 - Copy IMAG4344 - Copy IMAG4358 - Copy IMAG4359 - Copy IMAG4370 - Copy IMAG4376 - Copy IMAG4377 - Copy IMAG4380 - Copy IMAG4385 IMAG4388 IMAG4395 IMAG4409 IMAG4412 IMAG4417 IMAG4421 IMAG4423 IMAG4428 IMAG4435 IMAG4436 IMAG4439 IMAG4441 IMAG4444 IMAG4458

1) With a population of 1.6 million Sussex has 2 cities, Chichester and Brighton and Hove.

2) The name ‘Sussex’ is derived from an Old English word meaning South Saxons (Old English: Sūþseaxna rīce)

3) Sussex has been home to many well known authors including Enid Bagnold, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (author of Sherlock Holmes), Rudyard Kipling and Virginia Woolf.

4) Brighton is less than an hour from central London by train .


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