A quick peek

Hello, merhaba,

I know I said I was back, but have been quiet for some time, as I was super busy for the last 2 months. Below I provide a brief summary of my scholarly engagements- also accompanied with some photos for events (1-4):

1) Between 14 and 15 May we held the 4th BUiD International Conference in Current Trends in Teacher Education. http://ctte.buid.ae/


2) I presented a joint research paper entitled ‘The role of social networks on the progress of English attainment: a study of Year 10 EAL boarding pupils’ with my former student Aimon Sabawi at the 5th International Conference on Foreign Language Teaching and Applied Linguistics, International Burch University, Sarajevo, between 7 and 9 May, 2015.


3) Both of my doctoral students successfully defended their PhD thesis and graduated in June. Below are the details of their thesis titles:

  • Ahmed Bourini (completed). Differentiated Instruction in the EFL Classroom in UAE Public Secondary Schools: Exploring Teachers’ Beliefs and Practices. Unpublished PhD thesis in Education, The British University in Dubai, 2015. External examiner Dr Nicos Sifakis.


  • Mohammad Samimi (completed). An Analysis of Emirati Undergraduates’ Multiliteracy Practices and Perceptions on English as a Medium of Instruction Policy in the UAE Higher Education: A Linguistic Ethnographic Approach. Unpublished PhD thesis in Education, The British University in Dubai, 2015. External examiner Dr Mario Moya.


4) Last, but not least, our graduation ceremony was held on 10 May. Many congratulations once more to all BUiD MEd and PhD graduates!



So now I am back at home in London and in between my holiday I am busy trying to finish two research papers and a book chapter for Routledge. Once published I will update my publications list.

In the meantime, I have nothing extravagant to report about my son’s speech development, as of yet! He will be 6 months next week, bless him. He certainly is more verbal though and babbles, giggles, and squeals. [bfu-bfu], which sounds more like a car engine, is his favourite open syllable. Once the ball starts rolling the official MehmetOsman archive will be available for scholars and research students who are working in the areas of child language development and biliteracy.

Wishing you all a very pleasant and productive Summer.



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